Filantropis Guatemala

At Filantropis, we invest in the potential of Guatemalan youth in Chajul, Quiché through access to college level education and social entrepreneurship! This approach gives youth the chance to generate sustainable changes in their own community.

We are a Guatemalan non-profit organization established in 2015 in Chajul, Quiché. Our work started in 2012 via work alongside the Philanthropiece Foundation, which is based in Longmont, Colorado. In 2016 the programs Becas Universitarias and Emprendimiento Social were formalized and constituted.


We Educate Changemakers


  • We perform our activities according to the highest standards seeking excellence.
  • We create new means to improve our services using innovation.
  • Our results depend on our open and honest relationships through constant communication.
  • We treat others the way we would like to be treated, with humility.


We generate positive changes in society through our Changemakers

Philanthropiece Colorado, without you our programs would not function. Thank you for the impact generated with your investments.

Our Partners

We have a special relationship with each of our partners that allows us to work together toward developing our programs, meeting our objectives, and moving toward a common goal: creating a better world.


Partner with us!

Invest in a Changemaker. With your support we can generate further impact in our community.

Root Cause

Filantropis has identified that our community has a limited access to products and service, and a dependency on authorities and organizations. Our youth lack initiative to seek solutions to the various social problems in Chajul. This issue has its roots in the need for vision and ideas, in the risk-averse culture, and in a system that feeds on constant criticism. Adding to this, the lack of education, technical knowledge and financial resources prevents the youth in our community from sparking and developing productive initiatives.

The Challenge

Filantropis strongly believes the change and development of the community depends on sharing our vision with the youth to generate initiatives that directly impact the growth of Chajul.

The Solution

  • We invest 100% in registrations and monthly fees (University weekend plan).
  • We invest 25% y 50% in registrations and monthly fees (University daily plan).
  • We complement academic knowledge with workshops, trainings and field trips.
  • We invest in the education of the entrepreneurs while they develop business ideas.
  • We connect the entrepreneurs with investors.
  • We provide special financial support for both programs.

Our Team

Get to know them!

Ernesto Pérez

Program Consultant / Guatemala
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Marcos Bop Laynez

Account and Interim Coordinator / Guatemala
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Encri Teresa Caba Galindo

Social Entrepreneurship Program Coordinator
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María Dominga Bop

University Scholarship Program Coordinator / Guatemala
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Otoniel Gerson

Teilen Coordinator / Guatemala
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María Elicia

Administrative Assistant / Guatemala
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Andrea Laynez

Communications and Logistics Coordinator / Guatemala
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Ana Anay

Maintenance and Cleaning / Guatemala
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Asesores Philanthropiece Colorado

Elizabeth C. Cook

Founder & Co-Chair, Board of Directors
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Joan M. Knudson

Co-Chair, Board of Directors
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Jake Matlak

Director of Programs
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Katie Doyle Myers

Executive Director
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Laura Soto

Operations Manager
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Cantón Ilom Chajul, Quiché, Guatemala.

Schedule: Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM


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